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Porta-Pinball is intended to run on all Pocket PCs as well as any Palm-Size Windows CE devices supported by GAMEX, an unofficial game development library.

Download the appropriate setup program for your device's operating system version. The following table lists some popular devices and the setup program required. All processor types for a given operating system are bundled together in one setup program. The setup programs are available at a number of popular web sites that are tailored to users of Windows CE and Pocket PC devices. Some devices listed below may not be supported, since only a subset were available for testing. Tested devices are listed on the Porta-Pinball homepage.

After downloading the setup program, carefully follow the install instructions below. Pocket PC users may also need to download GAPI from Microsoft and copy gx.dll for the appropriate processor type to the \Windows directory of the Pocket PC device, unless it already exists there. Windows CE 2.11 users do not need GAPI.

All PocketPC 2002 and newer devices are ARM based. Most come with with gx.dll already installed.

 OS Sample Devices Setup Program
 Windows CE 2.11 Casio E-15, E-100, E-105
Compaq Aero series (except 1550)
Everex Freestyle series
HP Jornado 4xx
Phillips Nino series
(270K download)
 Pocket PC 3.0 Casio E-115, E-125, EM500
Compaq Aero 1550
Compaq Aero 15xx, 21xx w/ upgrade
Compaq Ipaq series
HP Jornado 5xx

(380K download)

Microsoft GAPI (gx.dll)


The setup programs can be downloaded from the following web sites that are kind enough to host files:

OS Host Site  Download Page
Windows CE 2.11 CEcity PortaPinSetup211.exe
PocketPCFreedom PortaPinSetup211.exe
Tucows PortaPinSetup211.exe
Pocket PC 3.0 CEcity PortaPinSetup300.exe
PocketPCFreedom PortaPinSetup300.exe
Tucows PortaPinSetup300.exe


1) Run the setup program on your Windows 95/98/ME/XP/NT/2000 desktop. The setup program will detect the appropriate processor type and install PortaPin.exe and related graphics and sound files in a directory on your Pocket PC or Windows CE device.

Note: If directory permissions on Windows NT/2000 prevent you from running the setup program or if you connect to the Internet with your handheld, a CAB file containing the Porta-Pinball files can be copied or downloaded directly to your Pocket PC or Palm-Size PC device and extracted there.

2) If you have a Pocket PC, ensure that gx.dll is present in the \Windows directory (DLL files are hidden in the Pocket PC File Explorer application, so you will need to connect to a desktop system and use the desktop File Explorer to check). This DLL is part of GAPI, an official game development library available from Microsoft, and is usually either included on your Pocket PC or provided on a bundled CD-ROM. If necessary, you can download it from Microsoft and copy it to your device. Palm-Size PCs running Windows CE 2.x do not require a DLL; GAMEX is compiled into the binary. If you own a Compaq Aero 1500 or 2100 series that has been upgraded from Windows CE 2.11 to Pocket PC 3.0, you may need to try both. I have received positive reports from users with an Aero 2100 series using the Pocket PC version of Porta-Pinball and a special unofficial gx.dll for the upgraded Aero 21xx series written by Julian Ortiz. If Porta-Pinball crashes soon after starting, you may have an older version of GAPI. Download version 1.2 or better from Microsoft.

3) On the HP Jornado series, you must enable HP Game Buttons from the PocketPC Settings menu or the application launch keys will not be usable as Porta-Pinball controls. Casio and Compaq devices do not have such a setting nor do they need it.

4) If you have a monochrome device, you will probably find the Black and White Graphics replacement to be much easier to see. Color device owners may also want to try out the black and white or other replacement graphics.

5) Run Porta-Pinball. If you experience any problems or if you do not have any problems and your device is not listed as being compatible on the Porta-Pinball homepage, please notify


The current version of Porta-Pinball is the initial public release, version 1.04.

Porta-Pinball and these pages are Copyright 2001 by Timothy Hartley. Please link only to the Porta-Pinball home page. Please do not link to graphics or binaries on these pages, as that would violate the terms of my service provider.