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If directory permissions on Windows NT or 2000 prevent you from running the setup program or if you connect to the Internet with your Pocket PC, a CAB file containing the Porta-Pinball files can be copied or downloaded directly to your Pocket PC. Once the CAB file is copied to your Pocket PC, click on it in the Pocket PC File Explorer to open it. The Porta-Pinball files will be automatically extracted and installed in the default directory (\Program Files\PortaPinball). You may move the PortaPinball directory to another directory, for instance on a storage card, with the understanding that, should you ever wish to, you will need to delete the directory by hand to uninstall the application.

On a Windows CE 2.x device, you will need to install a third-party file explorer to find and open the CAB file. I recommend Citadel Development's CeExplorer or the mini-explorer built into GigaBar.

You must read and accept the End User License Agreement before downloading a CAB file.

Choose the appropriate processor and operating system for your handheld. If your Windows CE 2.1 device is not listed below, it probably uses a MIPS processor. If your Pocket PC 3.0 device is not listed below, excluding unlisted Casio and HP product numbers, it probably uses a StrongARM processor. If you are not sure what to chose, you can check the first tab of the System Settings dialog on your device for both the operating system version and the processor type.

Each ZIP file is approximately 125K and uncompresses into a single CAB file, which will be about 480K. A freeware UNZIP, ezyUnZip, for Windows CE and Pocket PCs is available, if you need it.

Device OS/Processor CAB File
Casio E-15, E-100, E-105 CE 2.11/MIPS  portapin-ce211.mips.zip
Casio E-115, E-125, EM500 PPC 3.0/MIPS  portapin-ppc300.mips.zip
HP Jornado 4xx CE 2.11/SH3  portapin-ce211.sh3.zip
HP Jornado 5xx PPC 3.0/SH3  portapin-ppc300.sh3.zip
Compaq Aero 1530, 21xx CE 2.11/MIPS  portapin-ce211.mips.zip
Compaq Aero 1550,
2150 w/ ROM upgrade
PPC 3.0/MIPS  portapin-ppc300.mips.zip
Compaq Ipaq series PPC 3.0/ARM  portapin-ppc300.strongarm.zip

Porta-Pinball and these pages are Copyright 2001 by Timothy Hartley. Please link only to the Porta-Pinball home page. Please do not link to graphics or binaries on these pages, as that would violate the terms of my service provider.