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Sounds and graphics for Porta-Pinball use standard formats, so they can be edited or replaced easily. To replace the default graphics or sound with one of the schemes below, download the scheme zip file, then unzip it. Using the file explorer, copy BMP files into the "graphics" subdirectory of Porta-Pinball on your Pocket PC. Copy WAV files into the "sounds" subdirectory. The Porta-Pinball directory will be under "My Device\Program Files" or under "My Device\Storage Card" if Porta-Pinball was installed to a flash memory card. You may want to rename the original graphics and sounds directories as a backup..

Artists should read my artist notes for information on changing the graphics and sounds. If you create your own graphics or sound effects of which you are justifiably proud, please share them with me and the rest of the Porta-Pinball community. I will not post offensive or obscene schemes.

All schemes are mirrored at PocketPCFreedom.

Graphic Schemes

  • Ferrari Graphics (Kevin Khoo) - If you like high-performance cars, you'll want this scheme with subtle shading to take advantage of 16-bit color.
  • Egyptian Graphics (Kenneth Hayes) - Egyptian symbology abounds in this scheme that looks like hieroglyphs on sandstone agains a starry background.
  • Tolkein Graphics (Michael Aubertine) - Do you miss Microsoft wizards? Install a Tolkein wizard on your Pocket PC with this new graphic set with a wintery color scheme.
  • Black and White Graphics (Tim Hartley) - Graphics for monochrome devices. Everything is in shades of gray and contrast is enhanced. Recommended also for color devices with faint or smeared animation or generally low contrast.
  • Basketball Graphics (Bruce Karnick) - For hoops fans, here is a scheme devoted to one an NBA great, Kevin Garnett.
  • Hockey Graphics (Bruce Karnick) - On the other hand, if when you hear the word "Arena" you don't think of gladiators but of hooked sticks and ice skates, this is the scheme for you.
  • Space Graphics (Bedav) - A brand new scheme to breathe life back into an old game. The title screen shoots you into orbit, and the professional-quality table art keeps you there. You can almost touch the space-age metal.
  • F1 Racing Graphics (Bedav) - Another stylish scheme from a talented artist.

Sound Schemes

  • See the Complete Schemes if the sounds are getting tired. If the default bumper sound annoys you, try the Demon scheme for a pleasant electronic sound associated with modern tables, or for a more dramatic change, try the Counter-Strike Scheme, which leaves virtually no sound unchanged. Do you think microprocessors and digital audio were the end of real pinball? Try the Classic Woody scheme. You can almost smell the varnish. All are graphical tour-de-forces as well. Altogether different and very professional -- you won't remember you're playing freeware.

Complete Schemes

  • Counter-Strike Scheme (Kevin Khoo) - Militaristic overtones in this sound and graphic scheme inspired by the Half-Life: Counter-Strike phenomenon.
  • Demons (Primoz) - Stylish graphics set a sinister mood. The table lights glow like gems and well-rendered drop targets seem to pop through the screen. Every detail seems to have been accounted for, including appropriate sounds.
  • Classic Woody (Wiredog) - Return to the 50's, when girls wore poodle skirts and James Dean was the pinnacle of cool. There are no microprocessors under this table. No cartoony decals either, just solid colors painted through stencils onto smooth-sanded pinewood, which is then waxed and polished to look forever new.
  • Fire Pinball (Sylvain Lariviere) - Wizards, barbarians and knights set the theme for this atmospheric replacement scheme. Worth the download just for the title screen.
  • Hi-Color Pinball (Mike Welch) - Hi-Color is what we used to call graphics with more than 256 colors. This scheme doesn't add decals or wood-grain, but it does use every color nuance of your PocketPC's graphics hardware. As a bonus, you get an audio overhaul -- you'll know when you get the big bonus.
  • Original Scheme (Tim Hartley) - In case you overwrite the installed version

Porta-Pinball and these pages are Copyright 2001 by Timothy Hartley. Please link only to the Porta-Pinball home page. Please do not link to graphics or binaries on these pages, as that would violate the terms of my service provider.