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Artist Notes

Graphics are stored as uncompressed 16-bit BMP files, a format that cannot be read by some graphics programs, but can be read, though not written, by Windows Paint. If your favorite graphics program does not handle 16-bit BMP files, you will need to open each graphic in Windows Paint and save it to the same filename as a 24-bit BMP.

New graphics must be saved as uncompressed 16 or 24-bit BMP files the same height and width as the originals. The title screen is the exception; it is assumed to be 240 by 320 so if the BMP file is smaller, the graphic is filled out with black.

Sound files are standard PCM-format WAV files. The sampling rate and bits-per-sample are not important, but given the tiny speakers of most PocketPCs, 11 kHz mono sound seems to be the top end of usuable quality. I found some sounds could be saved as 8-bit sounds, and some sounded completely different unless they remained 16-bit. Similarly, you may find some sounds require a 22 kHz sample rate or they will not sound at all correct.

Please feel free to replace the title screen graphic with your own and sign it so people will know who did the work. The original Porta-Pinball name and logo do not need to remain on the title screen. My own copyright will remain at the bottom of the title screen (it is not part of the graphic).

Mail schemes to webmaster@pocket.iwarp.com. I can post a zip file or a link to your own site. If you mail a file, I will assume I should post the file; if you mail a web link, I will assume I should post the link. I will not post offensive or obscene schemes.

Porta-Pinball and these pages are Copyright 2001 by Timothy Hartley. Please link only to the Porta-Pinball home page. Please do not link to graphics or binaries on these pages, as that would violate the terms of my service provider.